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I think i posted here before, but now my skin has become worse so im hoping someone can help me. I had a derm appointment but forgot to ask pretty much everything when I was there, you get in they start talking and prescribing and next thing you know your kicked out.

I started out with normal slightly oily skin, and what I thought was acne, pustular lesions. I began to treat it like everyone else, and have been ever since that day, a year or two ago.

Now, my face is very dry and everything irritates it. I have gone through 30 some cleansers that all irritate my skin and dry it out. In other words, my skin is very very reactive to anything i put on it. My cheek area is very flush at times, and when its red it feels sorda bumpy in the red area, but once it calms down so do the bumps. Anything heat bothers my face. I get in the car and the heat hits my face an it burn lightly and really feels uncomfortable. Everyday I get out of the shower my face is very red and irritated looking even if I dont touch it or do anything. My chin area will be normal color, but when i laugh or smile, use a mouthwash, anything involving the movement of that area, it becomes very red and irritated.

I dont know if this is rosacea, maybe a mild case, or if its just normal dry irritated acne prone skin. I moisturize day and night, use nothing else except cetaphil cleanser which has been working very well and my face is still dry and red.

Any help at all would be amazing, and thoughts, or general advice would be great. I considered making another derm appointment, with a different one and ask them 100 questions if i need to, but normally what I said above is what happens. Im at the point where I cant do anything at all to my face, treatment wise, without it the redness and dryness becoming worse. Im turning to you guys for help, thanks again.

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Hi Crazygamar,

Sounds like we are in the same situation as I know because you replied to my post.

I would love to help you but I too am struggling.

You could try what I did. For 3 weeks I used nothing but water to calm down my over-reactive skin. The water did not make my skin red, itchy or burn.

Of course, 3 weeks must not have been enough for me though.

Good luck to you, I emphasize with what you are going thru and completely understand.

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