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Differin and Trimethoprim

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I guess a bit of background. I had a few different logs on these boards a while back...and of course, my acne came back. I was using Retin A but it was the cream and Face Reality told me that that particular one is usually only for wrinkles. So here I am...Friday....at a new dermatologist office.

I was told I have moderate to severe acne with quite a few scars (most on the right cheek). I was told he would be putting me on Differin 0.1% Cream (due to my sensitive skin...Proactiv burned like hell) and Trimethoprim. I am to use Differin every other night and Trimethoprim is taken twice daily.

Friday night was my first go with the routine. I cleansed with Boots No7 Beautifully Balanced Cleanser and then applied Differin to my face. Also took Trimethoprim.

Next day obviously no results yet...but I did have a HORRIBLE toothache and my cheek was getting a little puffy. I thought "Oh crap this isn't good..." and sure enough Sunday I woke up with my jaw/cheek swollen to the size of a golf ball. I had an abscess....wonderful! Sunday night I put on the Differin, took my trimethoprim (day and night) and Monday I was sent to the dentist. I had the abscess drained and a root canal performed so i still have a slightly puffy face as of today but it's not that bad.

Anyways, I used Differin on Tuesday and now I'm noticing that I'm getting peeling in my acne areas which is a good sign that its starting to work.

Here's my routine so far...


Cleanse with Boots No7 Beautifully Balanced Cleanser (it's PH balanced)

Trimethoprim 100mg

Makeup (Bare Minerals)


Take off makeup with makeup remover cloths

Cleanser with Boots No7 Beautifully Balanced Cleanser

Differin 0.1% Cream (every other night for 2 weeks)

I've attached 2 pictures, the first one is of me today, and the second is me on Sunday...I don't have any makeup on so you can see my skin condition better...but ya, don't make fun of me or say I looked like a chipmunk!





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Week 1 Recap

Well, that was a crazy, eventful week! I've been sticking with my routine, taking my Trimethoprim and using the Differin Cream at night. I've noticed some slight peeling, nothing incredibly dramatic. It probably won't start up full force until I use it every night. But, I've only had 2 new breakouts, and those were around the swelling on my jaw.

So, nothing too interesting happening so far.

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Well it's week 3 and holy initial breakout batman!!! Wow...I can't believe how BIG these clogged pores are. Last week my face was nice, it looked awesome, but this week...yikes! This really isn't helping my self confidence at all. I wish I could crawl under a rock until this all clears up. :(

I haven't been peeling, just itching a little bit where my breakouts are. Is that a good thing??

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i'm sorry you're having a rough go of it :( but what youre going through is par for the course when you use a topical retinoid like differin. if you look at it from a treatment perspective, the IB is a good sign that the differin is working, so now its time to play the waiting game and see how long it lasts and how long before you start to see (positive) results. i hope youre on your way out of the IB now, and that clear skin is only a few weeks away :) best of luck, and keep us posted!

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