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antibiotic , 10% benzoyl peroxide

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ok heres my case ...i get tired of applying Clean & Clear 10% benzoyl peroxide ....everyday

i mean 10% benzoyl peroxide works great for me within 2 weeks my face is clear it does the job !

..but sometimes im just to lazy to apply it on..and i go 4 - 5 days without applying it and i start breaking out again...

and i was wondering is there any antibiotic out there that is close and powerful like 10% benzoyl peroxide ? ..

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Yes, may can be as effective as 10% BP. But if you find it bothersome to apply a cream, then taking an antibiotic regularly may be an issue.

For instance, I'm on tetracycline and taking it a half hour before eating, or 2 hours after, and never within an hour of eating dairy, is a pain in the butt to remember. I eat dairy with nearly every meal and then 1-2 hours later I have forgotten to take the pill...

The point is, if something works, then get diligent & stick with it. Time, effort & self-discipline are required for every regimen.

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There are a few issues with this you might want to think about.

- Your doctor will not prescribe you an antibiotic if your skin is clear. If you go when your skin has broken out, depending on the severity of your acne, the doctor might want to put you on topicals first. Then if those don't work you might get antibiotics. But even if you do, the reccomendation will probably be to use a topical and an antibiotic together.

-Antibiotics are a pain to remember to take, too! I have trouble remembering to take my pills twice a day... it doesn't help that I have to take them with certain foods (no iron or dairy!) and two hours before I go to bed. Plus they smell kind of weird, haha.

-Antibiotics have side effects. Lately, I have been feeling really dizzy all day because of the pills, which isn't fun at all. Of course, other side effects can happen too. The great thing with BP is that the side effects, if any, are restricted to your skin.

- They don't always work - and the more powerful the antibiotic is, the more likely you are to have side effects. Plus, you might find that once you get off the antibiotics, your skin will break out all over again. It's better for your body if you can avoid taking long courses of internal meds.

I say if BP works to stick with it for those reasons. If you use it everyday at the same time, and you make it into a habit, you might find that it won't feel like so much work.

I would suggest though that if you have any kind of body acne (chest, or back) that you do go ask for antibiotics because it's hard to counter body acne with topicals.

Now... if you decide to go ahead and ask for antibiotics from your doctor, I have found that minocycline works pretty well as far as preventing the the big pimples. It doesn't seem to do much for the little ones that kind of blend in with my skin. I do use it in cojunction with topicals, though.

I know that probably wasn't the answer you were looking for, but I hope it helps somewhat anyway.

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