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how to treat blackheads?

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Hello again everyone!

Been some time since i last posted in here, i began the regime mid june i think, and lifes been a blast ever since :cool:

My acne has completely gone away, allready from day one i had improvements, now my skin is 99.8 % clear, most of the time 100 !

Except from this problem, the regime took care of the acne, and maybe lowered my amounts of blackheads i think, but they are still around, any suggestions how to get rid of the stubborn bastards??

I never squeeze em, my attitude towards it was the regime prolly would get rid of them with time, but doesnt seem so :doh:

Anyway would appreciate if someone could post me a few pointers on what i could do different...

Also is it simply possible some people cannot have silk like skin? i mean as in ZERO pores, or blackheads?

Thanks again, to all you fellow acne gurus in here helping on a daily basis, and ofc daniel :dance:

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I guess it depends on how many and how bad your blackheads are. If your pores are pretty big looking, I'd use Biore Nose Strips or whatever they're called. I instructed my friend to use that, and then put lotion on her nose after she pulled it off, since it leaves your pores open. Her nose is pretty darned clear.

On the other hand, if it's not too bad, I'd just use Biore Warming Anti-Blackhead Cream Cleanser. The heat will help open up your pores more so it can really dig deep. Or any kind of warming salicylic acid cleanser/blackhead cleanser.

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im in the exact same boat as you. my skin is extremely clear but i have so many blackheads. they really piss me off and im starting to believe there is no way to get rid of them. benzoyl peroxide does nothing for blakcheads so ya the regimen wont fix it. i went to my dermatologist and she put me on differin. she said that will help but it takes months to work. im just over a month is and there has been no change in my blackheads. the biore strips are just a temporary solution in my opinion. they remove the gross stuff but it comes back within a week. if you find something that works let me know!!

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What about the old house trick, bowl of hot water, sit with your face over it, with a towel covering your head & around the bowl, the heat/steam will open up your poors right?

But how to take it from there, im not quite sure :rolleyes:

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Btw my blackheads aren't that bad, id just love to get rid of them, now that my skin if clean from pimples and breakouts :)

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i personally have used....a mask called Tea Tree Oil Black Head Minimizer..

you can get it at the body shop (if you live in North America)

or maybe even online, i havent checked.

its a green mask that you apply to your nose, and chin crease, and where ever else you get black heads.

you leave it on for 10 minutes.

then peel it off.

i noticed a difference immediately,

my black heads got a lot smaller in size.

they will get bigger after a week or so,

so you'll need to re-apply the mask.

but it works!

good luck.

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