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Panoxyl to DKR

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hi, i have been using Panoxyl 2.5% aquagel for the past 2 weeks and i have had absolutely no gains whatsoever and all the possible side effects. My skin has become extremely red, extremely dry, cracked, sore, tight and i am still getting frequent spots. i have had enough so i have bought myself the complete regimen package. I was wondering if i will notice less side effects from dans treatment compared to panoxyl, whether it will be less harsh on my skin? Will the switch make my skin worse? Will i adapt quicker to the regimen since i have already been using bp?

I am using a tea tree face wash and jojoba oil in the meantime to combat dirt and moisturise my skin. the jojoba oil seems very greasy and masks the flakiness but my skin is still very red.

any help would be much appreciated.

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From the feedback we get on Panoxyl, it seems to cause more redness than other bp brands. So, I'm thinking you'll be pleasantly surprised with the Regimen products. Your skin will probably feel much better.

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this is probably not going to be very helpful for you but i have been using the 2.5% panoxyl gel for just under two weeks (and taking lymecycline for the same time, though i believe it's too soon for this to be having an effect) and have been noticing an improvement.

i have had the red, sore, flaking skin you described, but my spots are fewer in number. moisturising after definitely helps a lot - it takes time for your skin to get used to such a regime.

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I had used Panoxyl before too and it gave me all the unpleasant appearance like you mentioned. But the BP treatment from Dan is really good. It's totally different from Panoxyl and much much better. No more red sore face or flaky skin. Try it! You'll find the change worth it.

I had used Panoxyl before too and it gave me all the unpleasant appearance you mentioned. But after switching to Dan's BP, my face is much better. No more red sore flaky skin. Try it! You will find the switch worth it.

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panoxyl is bp, so if bp (dan's bp esp cos its far cheaper) works for you, panoxyl should as well (theoretically)

however, the problem is, panoxyl is made with an alcohol base, instead of a water base. hence, it will have a chance of drying out your skin excessively, leading to more oil/further irritation

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