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Guys, SHAVING: Razor or Electric Shaver???

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I need some help, I have tried disposable razor, electric shavers and the disposable ones that vibrate......Gillette I think they are. I have tried 2 blades, 3 blades and 4 blades but still get ingrown hairs and pimples....

What do u use and what works???????



Im have this problem aswell what do you guys use and recommend?

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I have spent so much on shavers, I am thinking of just going back to the electric shaver, I have two and they both caused ingrown hairs and pimples....

Sometimes I think I should just grow a huge beard to cover it up, but itd only cause big pimples/ ingrown hairs....over it I tell ya


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i have been thinking about this alot... i used to get spots after i shaved - it was like a guarantee... but then i had an idea. every morning i wake up, i goto the bathroom. foam up and shave... when i thought about what i was doing i freaked out... overnight my skin obviously gets oily and i am desperate for a wash in the morning. I now wash my face before i shave then foam up and shave. i remove all the dirt from my skin so i am not shaving and effectivly dragging deeper into the pores of my skin. then i exfoliate afterwards and apply aftershave to close pores.

it seems to be working better.

also i beleive that electric shavers arent as close, therefore the chance of ingrown hairs is less.

also... do you guys think that having stubble on your face increses acne? hair is naturally oily isnt it. so surley it will shed oil onto the surrounding skin and cause problems!

man this shit sucks

i watched american phsycho the other day. the bit where he does his morning routine is hillarious... imagine an acne version of it


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Hey i know for a fact that if I didnt have whiskers or had to shave, or better still, was a girl, my acne wouldnt exist.....or it would but to a lesser extent......If i dont shave, the hairs poke through the skin causing big lumps, if I shave, I get them lumps, the shaving aggrovates my skin....

I actually wash my face first but it still doesnt make any difference in the end result, after shaving.....

I am using Nads hair removal for men spray....I have sprayed it all over my face tonight and have a huge layer of proactiv mask on my spots and ingrown areas, when I sleep on my face I can feel the hairs pushing through the skin, man they suck!!!

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I use to have the same problem after shaving but I found a regimen that worked to keep me from getting any bumps or ingrown hairs after shaving, my shave comes out clean and smooth with no problem. If anyone tries it tell me how well it works,

1. Always, and I mean always shave after showering. While in the shower let warm water splash in your face repeatably, make sure you beard is nice and wet

2. After getting out the shower apply jojoba oil 5 drops on your beard, around your neck and sides( you can skip this step if you like but I recommend)

3. apply shaving cream, ( gillete fusion clear skin), leave it on for 2 minutes, and keep the water in the sink running warm to hot, to clean your blade after each stroke.

4. Use a Gillette fusion blade, not the power one though

5. Shave gently downwards on both sides, then downwards on the kneck, then if you'd like shave upwards on the kneck to get the stubborn hairs out.

6. change the water from warm to cool, and gently rinse your face, and the shaving cream off

7. apply a cleanser and wash ( I reccomend purpose gentle face wash) afterwards pat dry, your skin will be dry. wait 15 to 30 minutes, and put on a non comodeginic lotion. If your on an acne skin care regimen you can follow up your shave with that to.

I know it seems long but Trust me it work clear my sides up completely, tell me what you guys think

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Not shaving, or only shaving with a beard trimmer when I do, has completely eliminated my neck acne (which I'm guessing was actually folliculitis) but has done nothing for my face. I'm wondering if having not shaved for so long (about a month) is actually making my face worse, but I don't want to shave because it will make my acne more noticeable.

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Usually I shave down face and neck then go upwards on the neck an places that didnt feel close on my face. talked with my dermo and he said he recommended a 2 or 3 blade shaver i have used fusion for about a year and also electric as well. i bought 2 blade women shavers ive used them years ago and worked great so i tried again. doc also told me to go in one direction with the hair, an if i didnt get a "clean" shave all the time it was ok cause it would cut down on ingrown hairs since some hairs would stay above the skin.

Ive used this approach twice since then an seems to be better for me.

Razors for years then electric for one year then back to blades currently.

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i agree with tupac on this issue. if you're prone to ingrown hairs from shaving, then hot water, gel shaving cream, steamy hot water and a sharp 2 or 3 blade razor is a must. it may not eliminate all of the problem, but it will certainly help ALOT. also, try putting on a glycolic acid product after you shave. it may burn and sting for a few seconds, but thats normal. the glycolic acid will help your skin shed dead skin cells faster and lessen the chance of an ingrown hair. topical antibiotics are a choice too.

i think the jury's out on whether or not having facial hair can affect acne. i think its individual...for me, my acne gets worse if i have a beard. but the hair does hide it pretty well :) problem is, i look alot younger with a clean shave than with a beard...so i shave every day.

btw...if you have folliculitis, you can talk to your doc about prescription options. i know folliculitis is much more difficult to treat than run-of-the-mill razor bumps.

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I used to use electric shaver but now I only use a razor, not theese commercial "gilette" razors though. I have a solid razor made in Germany with real razorblades to put in. Shaving is a treat now, almost. I use a shaving gel with Aloe Vera and that is what works best for me. Keep in mind that you need to be very careful with that thing, much blood has been spilled for me :)

Here is actually a YouTube clip of it:

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I've flip-flopped numerous times between wet-shaving and electrics. I've finally stuck with electrics, I prefer Norelcos with the "lifts" removed from them. I think this avoids alot of the pulling & tugging which causes irritation and ingrown hairs. You will NOT get the closest shave with this method, but you WILL get a comfortable shave, and at least have a "clean" look. This also eliminates some unnecessary drama. For an in depth look at this type of shaving simply look up Kosher Shaver.

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Hello Gents,

My first post I know...but I've been a lurker for years. Decided to chime in for a discussion in shaving.

I'm doing what probably all of you aren't...I'm shaving using a classic Double-Edged ravor. I've made this leap recently, and I'm still learning bout the pressures/angles/strokes. BUT, what I noticed (besides a few nicks) was that my neck was flawless. A patch of skin I used to get bumps from shaving with a Mach 5/4/3 were gone. I was ecstatic. I'm starting to lather up twice during a shave...once with the grains and once opposite of the grains.

I'm using a badger brush and Art of Shaving lavendar shaving cream, with a Heavy-Duty Merkur razor with Merkur blades. I'm going to get a sample blade pack soon, and switch my cream to Proraso.

An added bonus - My face feels baby smooth, my chin area is smooth (not grainy w/ Mach5) and my skin feels exoliated.

Here is a very useful link: http://shaveblog.com/?p=185

This is where I learned a lot about DE shaving. Our grandfathers used to shave like this...they didn't need 5 blades and a gay-looking fusion can.

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