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BCP....is it not working???

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okay, so i started taking bcp back on august 22...i had my period then and my gyn tol me to take it the thursday i have it so i did. and so ive been taking the pill loestrin24 Fe, everything was good taking the white ones and never missed anydays so altogheter ive taken 12 of the white ones. I sill have 12 more before the reminder pills.

what i dont get is why i have my period right now with full on cramps and everything!?! i took bcp to get rid of the painful cramps and long annoying peridos but i have it?!?! how!!?!? how do i have my period now!!?!? help!!!! did this happen to anyone else!?!?!?

these cramps hurt sooo bad right now!

should i call my doctor or is this normal?! i have never read about this before...she said i may get some spotting but i have my full on period.....

thank you!

peace love happiness,.


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Give it at least until next month. The pill balances your hormones. If you just started it, it's not done its job yet. It takes up to 3 months to see any benefit from the pill (other than birth control). I took the pill to get rid of acne, and it took 3 months.

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ooh im not taking it for acne...

i have like severe cramps and long periods that come all the time soo..yeah i just want the crampz gone cuz when i get them i can barely move so hahaha yeahh

okay ill wait another month i guess but its just wierd cuz i just had my period 12 days ago...then im gunna get it in another 12...its just not that fun haha

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