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Important Questions about Doxycycline

I have some questions that have been bugging me for a while:

-Does Doxy pretty much do nothing (noticeable) for the first month or a few?

-If you drink alcohol, does this lengthen the period before it will start working?

-Has it ever worked on someone who has had acne on their back? (moderate stuff).

Anyone who has some sort of advice will be apprectated.

Also, Im on .05% trentinoin cream called retina or something. It works okish. Only use it once at night. The doctor I saw didnt seem to have much idea about acne though and just said Im starting you on this prescription of antibiotics and if in 8 weeks nothing has changed, I will send you to a dermatologist for some roaccutane. Has this ever happened to anyone? I really hope I dont have to use this accutane drug because Ive heard some good things but mainly bad things about it.....

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I've been taking Doxy for about 3 weeks now and I haven't had any significant changes either. I've never tried driking with it but I heard you get some pretty bad hangovers if you do and it probably won't work as well. The doctor I went to was a regular doctor as well and he said their is a chance I might need Accutane as well I really don't want this though.

I can totally relate. How long have you been taking Doxy?

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Ive been going for 5 weeks on 100mg per day. two pills in the morning. Its as if i take two pills and thats that. She also put me on some topical retinoid but its kinda irritating. I wish i could just take the pills and wash my face and have a good day. Also, I had completley fine hangovers, nothing abnormal. Im not really a heavy drinker but they were just the next day sort of thing.

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its different for everybody. i noticed good changes within 2 weeks. its been over 4 weeks for me and my face has cleared up. may depend on the severity of your acne, however, as mine was not that bad. but just keep at it.

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