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Epsom Salt/Vitamin E Capsules - potentially could fade scars

I was mentioned by some folks from another forum that epsom salt can help even out skin tone. I was skeptical about this once because I usually use it to soak a hurt leg in epsom salt from basketball. To my surprise my acne scars are actually fading. My complexion is looking better. I don't know if this will work for everyone, however, an african-american woman mentioned this to me and I happen to be part african-american so maybe it could be an ethnic thing. I'm not saying go endulge your face with epsom salt only if your african-american but, that's the only race that I was able to test this on. Any brave soldiers wanna try? (edit -- I use epsom salt as a scrub)

Some precautions if you attempt to use Epsom Salt:

1. Epson Salt WILL remove the top layer of skin if you use it everyday so limit it down to at most ONCE per week.

2. It will be a little harsh as a facial scrub so scrub gently and it might get a little messy

3. It makes your skin soft which is a good thing :surprised:

4. It will probably irritate your skin until you get use to it

*If it doesn't work for you i'm sorry. Use at your own caution and I REPEAT USE AT YOUR OWN CAUTION.

Also I would like to mention Vitamin E capsules. A couple of ladies that i've encountered used Vitamin E capsules to clear their scars. It works like a charm! You would need a strong vitamin E capsule to see quicker results such as 28000ue or 30000ue (you can go for less). What you do is break the tablet open and apply it all over your face. It WILL be very sloppy and make your face feel oily but, from what I've seen it does wonders. Or for a less sloppy feeling diaulate it then you can apply it. (edit -- only apply at night)

I've also heard great raves about Ambi's fade cream. I've never tried it for myself. But, I think I might. I am going to use myself as a lab animal for you guys. I'll update in a couple of weeks if anyones interested.

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When you say scars, does this include ice pick scarring?

I am looking at getting some Vitamin E capsules for my icepick scarring, do you think they will have any effect?

Thanks and I look forward to your results!

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