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I apply Dan's face wash, Dan's BP 2.5% gel, and the moisturizer religiously twice a day but, I think I'm getting a little tired of the morning ritual. Everytime I apply BP my face becomes extra sensitive to where the point that my face REALLY burns when I venture out in the sun (I DO USE SPF for my face). When I apply to moisturizer my face looks and feels extremely oily (I already have really oily skin as it is and the regimen makes my face feel heavy) and I don't want to have to carry around toilet tissue in my purse. I cleared up just about 85% using this for a little over a month. I don't want to sacrafice being 100% clear because of the sun. So i'm thinking about making this a nightly thing and trying out Dan's AHA+. But, when I experimented and applied it at night I felt like I broke out more or maybe my face is just getting used to the transition. This is getting quite long so I'm wondering should I change to just AHA in the morning and the regimen at night or leave it religiously how it is even though I hate it so much?

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Wait until your acne is clear, then you see if reducing the frequency of bp applications will still keep you clear.

so your supposed to do the regeime twice a day, including the BP gel?

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for oilyness, maybe try oil blotting sheets immediatly post moisturizer, pre make-up?

I find this removes the oil from the product but my skin remains hydrated.

just a thought.

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