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FINALLY-clear- what i'm doing (plus questions)- i'm new!

Hey- i've been stalking these boards and this site for some time now!

I'm 22 with olive oily skin. I used to have perfect clear skin until highschool.. then i went on birth control and i cleared up again with the occasional pimple and sometimes an aweful cyst =(

I had been doing ok until recently- in june- i dunno what it was! i started a diet of mostly soy products.. plus i had a lot of new stress coming... and i broke out INSANE! I had deep rooted hard pimples in my cheeks (i NEVER broke out in my cheeks before ugh!) and they kept coming! it was like an infection that was spreading and wouldn't stop! It sucks because I model and my face is my money maker! I freaked out and bought clean n clear advantage cleanser and it only made things worse so i stopped....

out of desparation i bought proactiv... and i think i went through another worse period...

anyway- i did laser treatments - which made the pimples go down but then they eventually came back! ugh! and the scar never went away either- so 400 bucks down the shitter right there... grr

but then i started really researching.... especially on this site....

so here's what i did... and what i do... and for some reason i'm completely clear now..... BUT I DONT KNOW WHAT IS KEEPING ME CLEAR! ive got so many damn products!- and i also have the problem of an insane amount of red marks that ive been battling to go awayyyyyy

(i started all of this at once... dont know if its a combination of things working or if its one thing or what! and im too scared to stop or substitute anything for fear of breaking out again!)

supplements- daily multi v, omega 3, and birth control (ortho trinessa)

plus i drink a lot of lemon water!

morning: proactiv cleanser, toner, bp

(i usually wash 3 times a day because of working out etc- i know its supposedly bad but i cant go all day without it... i use makeup etc so i need to wash it offff)

night: proactiv cleanser, and i alternate neautrogena mark fade mask and the advanced solutions mask.... which i leave on until they are dry and peeling off my face... like upwards to an hour while i check email etc - the smell doesnt bother me and my face doesnt sting or get irritated from them at all like i've read about) then i use the proactiv toner and then the neutrogena on the spot BP.

i use the proactiv bp when i need to wear make up- and the neutrogena bp at night

all in all- i think the masks are really fading the red marks.... but i dont know whats keeping me clear? im nervous.... i want to quit the proactiv because its expensive and ive heard a lot of bad thigns about it- but i'm using it and i'm clear but since im on so many other things i might not be clear because of it....

i'm running out of the proactiv products too....

i was thinking maybe really all i need is a cleanser with BP in it.... and a good BP lotion (probably going to buy dans..... and a good glycolic toner... maybe aqua glycolic? I also use the avon retexturizing peel pads as well.... but i heard you cant really use those every day.... but my skin is pretty durable so maybe i could?

i'm so full of questions- i dont know whats working... and i just wanna get rid of the red marks (the alternating of the masks is really helping though for that) :ninja: and simplify my routine a bit!

annnnnyyyyy comments or suggestions?

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oh- and i quit with the soy products ( which sucks because i know its so much healthier... but it did seem that when i started getting really heavy with the soy... thats when my break outs got crazy.... ugh

so ive got no idea what started the breakouts or what has been working to stop them. i wish i knew so i could make things easier! but i'm just thankful to be clear finally!

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