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at one point in time i got neck zits during this huge hormonal disaster of a breakout... but i just wore beaded necklaces so you couldnt really see them. you know, the kind you wrap around your neck a couple times so they don't hang loose?

and then there's always the turtle neck option if you don't mind looking like a soccer mom/beatnik/whatever other turtleneck stereotype you can think of. i live in a kind of colder climate, but im sure most places are still kind of hot this time of year, so that might not work at the moment..

mine went away when i started the right BC..

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i just have to tell you that I had a horrible experience with YAZ....gave me the worst acne of my life.

i dont really understand how any low dose BC could be good for acne, since estrogen is what helps keep the skin clear... but thats just me, im not a doctor.

anyway, i was just putting sulphur lotion on them. i used this stuff called byebye blemish and it seemed to work quickly.

as for the necklace...it was just something i had laying around. you can probably find cute necklaces anywhere you find cute clothes....stores in the mall? claires?

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lol its all good, We All Have Acne Here,

Its nothing New....some one some where in the World has it worste than you.

I Have Pimples On My Neck.....Its Been Getting Worste Over The Coarse Of The PAst 2 months.

Started On the Back Of My Neck.......now its working from my chest up and Jaw Down Its Almost Meeting In The Middle now.....im not sure what to Do....i have a derm Appt. As soon as They Call back.

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