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3 weeks in... scroll down to bottom for important info

33 yr. old female dealing with moderate hormonal acne (cysts/whiteheads/blackheads on jaw line, chin, around mouth), t-zone, oily as hell resulting in enlarged pores/blackheads on nose and minor clogged pores/breakouts on forehead. Changed my diet 3 weeks ago to avoid the dermatologist, to avoid birth control pills and screwing my body up even more because EXCESS ESTROGEN CAUSES WEAKENED IMMUNITY & ILLNESS. Here's what i'm doing:


-2 Res-Q 1250 Fish Oil capsules with a full glass of water

-drink a green powder drink (earth's promise)

-1,000 vitamin C

-fresh fruit, one egg with brown rice toast, organic yogurt

Lunch and Dinner:

Plenty of WATER (PH of 7 or more), Tuna, Steamed Chicken, fresh leafy greens, EVOO (first cold pressed), fruits, COD LIVER OIL in addition to the Res-Q fish oil, Avocado's, cucumbers, juicing with carrots. I do still eat brown rice (in moderation) and potatoes. Don't know if this is aggravating anything - will update.

-Multi vitamin




-Digestive Enzymes


No wheat/gluten/white flour

No red meat

No fried food

No unnecessary sugars

No dairy (except for organic yogurt)

No vegetable oil

Skin Care:


-gently wash face with warm water (no soap) and microfiber cloth

-tone with Aubrey Organics pure Aloe with grapefruit seed extract

-moisturize with 3 drops of a homemade mixture of 75% Jojoba, 25% Grapeseed oil and 4 drops of *Palmarosa Essential Oil* (A GOD SEND - Palmarosa is helpful in regulating oil production, helps skin regenerate and heals heals heals - check it out online!)

I'm still trying to figure out if this oil application, twice a day, is ok for me, it's not breaking me out with whiteheads or cysts, it's definitely soothing to existing acne and is healing - but i think the jojoba may be clogging my t-zone and nose a bit - no raised zits, just a minor increase in blackheads. :doh: Going to tweak this and update later.

I use Bare Escentuals makeup which i'm not really happy with and think is causing me to be oilier during the day due to their use of Bismuth Oxy. - but i have another mineral makeup product coming from Mode Cosmetics which claims: NO PRODUCT DILUTING FILLERS, BISMUTH OXYCHLORIDE FREE, PRESERVATIVE / FRAGRANCE FREE

Will update when i've used this makeup for more than a week.


-wash face in shower with a soft, natural bristle face brish (from DHC) and Cetaphil bar soap - gentle, circular motion for several minutes helps exfoliate - brush and steam opens pores for better skin care absorption.

-every other night use Avon Anew Clinical Peel pads

-moisturize with 3 drops of oil mixture from above

My results are slow, but feasible - it's only been three weeks. No new cysts, old ones are healing and inflammation is going down. A few whitheads coming up, but most likely purging from brushing in shower and using essential oil (which is good). T-zone is oily right now, most likely from hormones (that time of month), but will tweak skin-care oil usage to see if this changes.

PHOTO'S coming soon!

:dance::clap: OH!!!>>>> hours of research brought me to all these e-book "SOLUTIONS" using diet and supplements, etc - RIP OFF'S and it makes me angry that they get away with it! .... i found a GREAT book, the other day, that you can buy on HALF.COM or AMAZON.COM called The Clear Skin Prescription: The Perricone Program to Eliminate Problem Skin - i KNOW this is the info. all these e-books are selling for $30.... you can get this book for a little more than $5 WITH SHIPPING on half.com, right now. I just ordered mine....

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