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accutane and hair loss

I have been off accutane for 8mths. My skin is starting to break out and become very oily again. I would love to take another treatment of accutane but I can't. Two months into my treatment of accutane witch was 40mg/day for 5mths, I experienced a large amount of hair loss. It has slowed down but I suffered lossing about 1/2 of my hair. I was wondering if anyone has experinced hair loss on a full treatment dose of accutane. And also did anyone try a low dose of accutane treatment such as 40/mg per week and not experience hair loss.

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Hi Mary,

Sorry to hear about that. It seems somewhat common. I've had hair loss problems on my first course of tane which was 20mg/day, but it wasnt too bad. I also had really low iron and ferritin levels which were already significantly contributing to my hair loss. If you dont eat red meat, you might want to also get your levels checked. My hair did start to recover when I finished my course

My acne returned 8 months later and Im back on accutane. Although Im experiencing hair loss again, Im hoping its temporary and personally made the decision that my acne affects me too much emotionally and that tane is what does the trick for me. I will be discussing it with my derm in a few weeks when I see her and see what she says. In the meantime, Im just keeping my hair really moisturized with deep hair masks weekly and trying not to worry

I think that a pretty low dose might not induce hair loss while keeping acne at bay. Again thats just my opinion, so you're better off discussing it with your derm. Many people here ssay they've had permanent hair loss from tane, for a lot of people though it is temporary. Remember the hair's growth cycle takes a looong time! May be you can try a retinoid or BP?

Sorry I couldnt exactly answer your question but just wanted to share my own story.

Good luck with whatever way you choose to go! Keep us posted

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