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Could this be the reason for my cystic acne all along?

I been suffering with cystic acne for 3 years.

I am currently almost done with my 1st month course of accutane.

Today it came to me that whenever I finish showering, my face ends up with a lot of dead skin stuck on it. I usually just leave the dead skin alone, and let it dry on my face because If I try to wipe it off with a towel, it really irritates my cysts that I already have.

Now I am wondering, with all those dead skin on my face, could it be clogging up my pores and giving me new cysts? Also, the type of dead skin I am talking about after shower isn't dry, it has kind of a mushy texture and I can scrape it off with my fingernails.

Are there any products that I can use that would be safe with my accutane that would help me remove some dead skin while in the shower so I wouldn't have to deal with the skin after I finish? I also notice every time I develop new cysts is the same day I take my shower. I only take shower after gym because I sweat alot.

If you guys have any ideas, that would be great... This is just an idea that I thought of.

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If you are taking accutane, you really should not exfoliate your skin as that will cause increased irritation. Taking cooler showers (not cold, but not steaming hot) may help your skin as well. You might want to consider a moisturizer with AHA AND sunscreen unless your skin is exceptionally sensitive. Neutrogena's Healthy Face/Skin whatever it is called with AHA and an SPF is generally well recommended on these boards. If you notice any irritation with the product, stop immediately and use it after you've finished the Accutane.

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