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Pretty embarrassing

My acne has cleared up mostly, leaving me with a lot of scars, which in turn makes me very nervous about new acne on my face. Whenver I start to get a new pimple I squeeze like crazy which gives me an awful (temporary) red mark and even a cut, or just small area of torn up skin. I know I need to stop doign this but its a crappy compulsion I cant get rid off. Does anyone know how to best let this area heal. Should I wear a bandaid, leave it open, use moisturizers, keep that area dry, or what? The mark I'm always left is looks a lot worse than a pimple. I just hate the idea of having any acne in addition to my scars on my face.

Also, I've heard maybe there are some fast acting creams which can take care of a pimple relatively quickly without popping it. Or I heard of something called 'Zeno', does anyone know how well these things work?

Thanks you all

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ok first of all I would try neosporin cuz it heals, gets rid of infection and helps prevent scarring

and about zeno I have never used it but I have read a lot of ratings on it and they are all good

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I'm also a compulsive picker.

The only thing that helped me was not getting any more acne on my face with an accutane course and then retinA for life.

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