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Accutane Concerns/Questions

About to take my informational class on accutane, and I have already done some reading on it.

I am very concerned when reading the many posts about people who suffer from join problems after their Accutane cycle, is that normal? Is there a way to prevent this? (lots of water...ect)

Also I have read that it can clear up some less severe scars from previous acne, is that true?

And lastly (for now) are you allowed to work out while taking Accutane?

I really am concerned about suffering with join problems the rest of my life... :(

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Hello- I am on Accutane and yes it does cause joint pain,(for me anyways), but nothing that I can't handle. I take glucosamine/chondroitin/msm daily!! I am a fitness fanatic and believe that nothing should stop you from working out, if it is something that you enjoy and want to do. My derm is totally fine with exercising while on Accutane. I run daily and lift weights 3x a week. You need to do what is right for you and take it one day at a time! Best of luck to you :angel:

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I had joint paint during the course, but it's quickly diminishing now that I'm done.

As for the scars, do you mean indented/pit/rolling scars or red marks which is hyperpigmentation and not actually scars? It did nothing for actual scars. My hyperpigmentation seemed to fade faster than usual, but that's probably because the skin was so dry and shed like crazy.

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thanks for the replies. Now are the joint problems only temporary? and it seems like it happens to just about everyone :/

what are the other common yet major side effects? (i'm sure I'll learn in the class, however just want to learn some stuff before from people who are on it/have taken it)

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