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TCA peel and TCA CROSS

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my doc does the tca peel, but not the cross. what is the difference, and is the peel still effective for some types of scarring? Also, how is it that the peel is safe for your face, but the cross shouldnt be put on the healthy skin due to possible more scarring? I read that if the doc gets some of the tca cross on the outer edges of the scar, it can cause more scarring. So does the peel do this too, but maybe it's less noticable?

I forgot to ask, is a phenol peel more effective than a tca peel?

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TCA Cross is not a peel, it is usually applied with a toothpick like stick. It's 100% tca on a specific scar. A peel is usually full face or large areas. There are light, medium and high strength. A high strength TCA peel would be 30-50%. Not to be tried at home unless you really know what you're doing.

A phenol peel is the most dramatic peel there is. You can't do it at home. And it takes general sedation. It's a major undertaking.

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Hmm I'm just wondering why tca of a higher percentage can mess up your healthy skin if it touches it, but a lower dose (like a tca peel) wont effect or mess up your whole face? I wonder if a peel is even effective

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