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Hypertrophic scaring - just back from cosmestic doctor

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Ok, so I went to a cosmetic institute about the hypertrophic scars on my chin that have been there for years.

See http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...p;#entry2360474

2 doctors both looked at them and said there is nothing they can do to fix them and that I just have to live with them.

I'm so shattered.

They said hypertronic scars are unable to be treated and they are permanent.

I don't know where to go now or what do do.

I feel like no one has a definitive answer :(

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I know how you feel H.E., scarring can be incredibly draining emotionally especially when it is on the face. But I would take what the Cosmetic Institute told you about having to live with the scars for the rest of your life with a very big pinch of salt! They are only telling you this based on what is currently available. This is correct, since there is no treatment on the market that can currently remove scar tissue and heal skin scarlessly.

That said, there are large amounts of funding going into scar research; if you haven't read our thread on "Scarless Healing" already then it might cheer you up a little: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=157005.

For example, we are all currently awaiting the results of Acell's extra-cellular matrix composition of treating scarring and should know how good it actually is within a month or two.

In the meantime, have you tried growing a goatee or small beard and luckily most of your scar tissue seems to be around the stubble region which could quite easily be covered with facial hair.

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I really think a couple of them need a cortisone injection.

Can a doctor do this?

Can I just ask the reception if they do this when I call?

It costs a lot to go to a derm and I don't even know where to chose.

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If you do actually have hypertrophic scarring on your chin then a cortisone injection will unfortunately do absolutely nothing to the scar tissue. The only thing those steroid injections do is to temporarily reduce inflammation at the site. Since you've had them for 'years' there really is no inflammation to treat, you are only left with scar tissue. And rather than fixing a problem you are more likely to cause damage to that area of the skin by using cortisone injections, such as skin atrophy whereby the skin tissue is thinned permanently.

This is why we are awaiting a treatment that can prevent scar tissue formation. If such a treatment is found (eg with Acell) then you will be able to have your scars excised (ie cut out with a scalpel), the wound stitched together and be required to apply Acell for 7 days or so during which time the skin should heal scarlessly.

^This is what we are hoping and praying for!

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