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Do you have these?

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theres many of us here with these, mine are worse =).

Problem: Clogged Pores

Reason: Unknown

Top Topical Treatments: Mandelic Acid / Salycylic Acid, AHA BHA.

^^ none of which do anything to decrease the production of those white things, but just to maintain and ease the removal of them.

Accutane can reduce sebum production by shrinking the sebaceous glands that produce them.

or you can just go to Korea or something and take the glands out. see http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=169802

you know whats going to happen now right? its going to spread from just being on around the sides of your nose to being your whole nose and then towards the cheek. Enjoy.

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I get these on the sides of my nose too. Sometimes I can get them to come out by wiping them with a cotton ball that is slightly wet. If they still son't come out, I will gently pull them out with tweezers.

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I used to have it too, stream your face and use a condomes extractor from walgreens to take them all out.

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i have those all over my nose, even some on my chin.

I've been dealing with them for as long as i can remember.

For people that have these, do you find you skin to be very oily and dry at the same time?

I have seb derm and I feel like that relates to these white things (they arent blackheads to my knowledge and they arent pimples.. not even my derm knows what to call them)

anyone with info on this please help.

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