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Are you sick of acne scar treatments?

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Well at first when I read about them, the articles sounded so positive. Like, in this modern day and age, fear not of scarring. We have many different types of procedures to REMOVE the scars. For example, dermabrasion or lasers. Consult with your dermatologist to evaluate further and get a proper treatment.

It makes me feel that at least 80 % can be removed. After numerous treatments. My scars are still as obvious, if you shine a light directly upon them. How IN THE WORLD can you call this removed? I am disgusted by how many such articles and claims we have. Im not even sure whether the minor improvements we see are due to the own's body natural healing or through those treatments. Ive seen pics where wrinkles totally are removed from lasers. I have wrinkles( yes I do through acne damage ) and those wrinkles had no/little improvement.

this is just plain bullshit, its like buying the lottery when we know chances are it wouldnt strike.

damm all those derms, I want scarless healing. I want to remove my scars. I dont deserve to have a crater face.

You call lasers the "gold standard" of acne scarring treatment? WTF??? Thats like calling a wooden hut a five star hotel...

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My opinon is that if you can get dramatic results with 15 Fraxel Sessions, but the problem is that in this day and age when gas is at 4 bucks a gallon, no one can pitch together 15,000 dollars.

It's amazing how lasers are so expensive, when they are just rays of light. It costs the doctor only 1-3 dollars to run a fraxel machine for an hour, but they dare charge 1,000 dollars a session. If doctors HONESTLY gave a crap about us victims they would charge 200 bucks a session (at the most) and help people like you and me out. God bless America? God DAMN America.

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Guest delta force operators

i do believe laser treatments do work, however deep scars u need to excise.

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I guess I can understand how some people might benefit from lasers, depending on what kind of scars we're talking about. But as far as I'm concerned, they've done no justice to me, and apparently you. There are those who demean others on this forum when we bad mouth a certain type of treatment, and I can understand that too. But from my personal experience, they have done absolutely nothing...so far. Maybe I'm just taking the wrong road but I haven't found anything that works as of yet.

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