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My log for folliculitis and acne

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Hi all,

Here is my case. I had what I thought to be mild acne. It worsened a lot and I started to have a lot of bloody red spots on beard.

My dermatologist said I had infected folliculitis and acne.

Here is my regiment :

CLEANSING : Hyfac Fragrance and Paraben Free Acne Skin Cleanser

1 time a week : Hyfac Express Exfoliant

SHAVING : NoBacter anti bacterial shaving gel + 3 blades Wilkinson


FIrst 2 weeks : fight folliculitis

- Mupiderm (topical antibiotic against folliculitis)

- Pyostacine (general strong antibiotic against folliculitis)

Then :

- Tetracycline (300 mg a day - 2 pills a day at evening)

- Dalacin T TOpical (Topical Clindamycin)

- Benzoyl Peroxyd ECLARAN 5 (5 % peroxyd benzoyl)

If this doesn't work after 2 months, then I go for ACCUTANE.

After a first day. Nothing to notice. Shaving made my skin redder and bloodier tonight and I prefer not to look in the mirror...

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I recommend buying Turmeric Powder. Take it 3x a day orally, and apply it externally once at night. Applying to the face: leave on for 10 min. and rinse off with cleanser. If you leave it on too long it will leave a yellowish stain. Applying to other parts of the body (areas that are not visible when in public): leave it on over night. Rinse off in shower in the morning. Visit my page and read the post what all should I buy. That will give you a background of my staph infection.

orally- 1 tsp turmeric with any of the following 8 ounces: water, orange juice, or prune juice.(whatever you want to mix it with)

topically- 2 tsp. of turmeric, 1 tsp baking soda, add some water and heat it up for 15 seconds, it rises and will create a paste. apply to areas.

where you can buy turmeric- amazon, vitacost, swanson vitamins. (might be able to find it in some grocery stores if not fond about buying on the internet)

I know how frustrating it can be to have marks on your face and body. I've been on many antibiotics, orally and topically. I have tried many cleansers and treatments. The only thing I have found that has worked is eating healthier, exercising, and alternative medicines compared to mainstream. Try alternatives. Antibiotics and Accutane has short-term success, but will eventually weaken the immune system and may cause issues later in life. That's my own opinion. Try healing the body from the inside out. Supercharge the immune system and pay attention to what your body is telling you.

Recommendations: read Andrew Weil's book called Spontaneous Healing

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