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Treatment Options  

  1. 1. Which will keep my acne better under control?

    • Benzoyl Peroxide cleanser 2-3 times a day
    • Nivea facial scrub with Dan's 2.5 BP cleanser twice a day
    • Red/Blue enLux LED light therapy
    • Don't do anything!
    • Other (please post)

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Hi guys, I'm new to this site and I have a couple questions.

One of the main questions I have is if benzoyl peroxide cleansers such as the OXY acne wash and Clean and Clear Continuous control work as well as benzoyl peroxide gels. I have finally gotten my acne under control, so my goal is to prevent further acne from occurring, and if I could do that with one step, all the better.

Currently, I'm doing my own version of the regimen with Nivea for Men Energizing Facial Scrub and Zapzyt 10% benzoyl peroxide. I also use Neutrogena Pore Refining Cleanser (with BHA and AHA) at night or sometimes in the mornings instead of the Nivea facial scrub. I will also sometimes use 5% tea tree oil lotion at night and Nicomide-T cream to treat red spots and inflamed pimples. I occasionally use Nivea Oil Control Moisturizer, although I have stopped for the most part because benzoyl peroxide does not dry out my skin very much and the moisturizer, despite being "oil control" actually makes my skin shinier and more oily.

Everything I'm doing seems to be working for me - I have gotten a feel for exactly how certain products affect my face and when it is a good time to use them, and my acne has cleared up significantly (I have one pimple on the side of my cheek that has started to dry up, and some lingering red spots). However, I do think that I am probably using too many different products and I would like to consolidate my regimen.

I am considering just switching over to Dan's regimen, which I know it designed for preventing acne from occurring, but part of me can't resist the urge to consolidate the cleansing and treatment steps.

The problem with me is that once I get my acne under control, I'll tend to start dropping all preventative steps aside from cleansing anyway, and my acne will come back in about a month, repeating the cycle.

Basically, I'm looking into three options while I continue to do what I'm doing to keep my acne under control:

1) BP cleanser two or three times a day

2) Dan's regimen (I'll probably just add his 2.5% BP while continuing to use the Nivea Scrub in the morning and the Pore Refining Cleanser at night)

3) Light therapy, if I can convince my parents to buy me one of the enLux LEDs. (from what I read you don't have to do much else...perfect for me)

Also, if I were to use Dan's BP, what do you think about adding some tea tree oil (to make it about 5%). Remember, my skin does not get very dry, and I've used both in conjunction before.

Sorry for the long post if its confusing. I just want someone to point me in the right direction so that I don't start neglecting my skin again.

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