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okay, ive been visiting this site since early january... and my acne was moderate on my face, pretty bad on my back, and bad on my chest.

at first i was doing dans regimen, but that was making my face really dry, and i started hearing about other stuff.

i was on dans late february, when i started using B5 at 5gs then 7gs, and i changed soaps to CnC Blackhead scrub. about a week later, i started using Botchla's full regimen, and ive been on 10g's of b5 since then. about 3 weeks ago.

however, botchlas was making my face really bad, and i quit after about a week and a half, because i could feel the irritation and XGamerX's thread was gaining momentum. now im using cetaphil without water + 10gs of B5 every day, and i have been for about a week and a half, except he 10gs of b5 has been going on for 2 or 3 weeks.

My dad came over today, i havent seen him in a month and he says im definately lookking worse and i need to see a derm. my mom agrees with him and i think its dumb because i dont really want to go. my mom suggested accutane the other day and i dont want that, and ym dad thinks i need to go on antibacterials and i said no.

what should i do? should i give the B5 more time? its been almost a month, 1.5 weeks on 5gs, a week on 7gs, and 1.5 weeks on 10? i want to buy some of the ALA/DMAE stuff so i can start perricones, but now i dont know what to do.. sad.gif

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Guest Tracy

I'm sorry your acne is worse. Botchla's regimen broke me out BADLY and I never break out anymore.....I just wanted to use it to clear up a few stubborn black heads and whiteheads, but I got tons of very small cystic bumps instead. I think there's something in the C & C formula that my skin does not like at all.

I don't have any answers for you.....just to say that oftentimes, simpler and gentler is better. Maybe you could wash with a very gentle, soap-free cleanser and use a very light layer of 2.5% BP only once per day......that might help.

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