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couple closed comedone pimples-starting 4th mo of accutane!?

I dont get it people. I've got a couple of semi-cyst like closed comedone kinda sore pimples .. and I just started my fourth month of accutane.


I alternate taking 40mg and 60 mg each day. I take my dosage once a day at dinner since I dont eat breakfast.

My skin is dry, lips dry, all that good accutane stuff. So why this crap?

My derm wasnt that worried. . . but I am.

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oh and if the common idea is to up my dosage, I dont think I really can or should.

I weigh 60 kg. (130lbs) If I continue my course for 2 more months my cumulative dosage will be 120mg/kg, which is recommended as far as I have read.

Maybe I need to drink more water. I have been ignoring that part pretty badly.

Also, my tryglycerides are a bit elevated in my blood tests, another reason why I most likely wont up my dosage.

hope to hear from you all.

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dont worry you still have ages to go yet (2mths you said) and your skin will continue to improve even after you finish your course.

i am sure every thing will work at fiine for u

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