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omega 3-6-9 pills!!!!! stubborn marks, wounds and ice pick scars are healed and you can start to see the results in a day.

if you take double to triple the recommended dosage, you will see an immediate difference in your skins texture and glow. no other method will give you these results.

the kind i use are the caplets they sell in whole foods 6-7 a day with food.. its kind of expensive but i'm sure even less expensive brands work too. good luck!!!!!!!

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seems fake...

Omega 3's help with red marks probably but no way with ice picks...

Omega 3s are anti inflammatory, and 6s on the other hand is the other way around, thing is people eat way too much 6s and not enough 3s which resoult in acne.

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I remember getting a huge bottle of fish oil when I started weight lifting a few years ago.

This was way before I had any scarring. I would take six pills a day, and for the first two weeks my skin was fucking awesome. Then I started getting bacne, and whiteheads on my face and freaked out and stopped taking it, and threw the bottle away. I think I just panicked and probably should of just lowered the dosage or something.

I highly doubt it will do anything for scars, but I have flax seed oil, minus whale take it am i rite?

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weight lifting causes acne through hormones (exspecialy the first times), Omega 3 fatty acids cant really cause acne no matter how much you overdoes it - but exacly the opposite.

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