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Spiro not working? This might be the problem....

So I have been on Spiro for about a year now with fantastic results. I started on 50 and worked my way up to 200 by late winter. I love my skin.

Well, last month I altered my prescription slightly- because of a temporary loss of insurance I had my dr write the script to take 8 25mg tabs. It is much cheaper because of the discount drug program Target has, but only for 25 mg pills.

Well, the pharmacist warned me that it might lump in my stomach taking so many pills at once, so I took 4 at night and 4 during the day( if I remembered!) Well, my chin is breaking out.

So- my theory is you probably need a higher dose OR you need to take all of it one time a day (taking it at night reduces side effects for me but I need to get up to pee a few times).

My new insurance has kicked in and I am picking up the regular pills and going back to the full dose at night.

I am grateful my breakout is minor, but this is bringing back BAD memories!


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Hey Cherie,

That is very interesting. Like you I have always taken my full dose once a day, usually in the evening after dinner or right before bed. That method has been working quite well for me for about a year. I do have to get up one time during the night to pee but even before I was taking spiro, I often had to do that. After I use the bathroom though, I've gotten into the habit of drinking a full glass of water before going back to bed. I think that has helped me to feel better (hydrated & refreshed) in the mornings.

I'm curious to know how things are after switching back to your old pills and schedule. KUP, please!



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