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so ive recently decided im gonna try neosporin like so many peeps on here

i looked in the cabinet...

and i ONLY have neosporin anti fungal, jock itch, athletes foot cream..

WILL THIS WORK?? and if not wut do i need to get


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i think your dermotologist it correct man, tan ain't help acne,red mark, and brown spot and it only look good one day then in the long term your acne scar it still there, it just hide ur mark and once the winter come your tan it gone and your acne mark will come out and look ugly then ever. Proactive suck like hell the tv it all fake the reason u see all those people got clear skin because they wear makeup hide they acne scar but for the aspirin mask it work wonder and food really ain't cost people acne it toxinc in your body what cost u your acne! That what dermotologist for help u out and get pay right and listen to them or u will regret in your life!

neosporin only for burn,cut,scarpe or pimple that need to heal~

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i know but it Worked for me almost fully..i went from fricken moderatley severe to clear...y would i risk going back...but they prescribed me to Differin and this Moisturizer and male make up......

it destroyed my face after 3 days so i quit using it..and went back to old and now nothing is workin

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