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Just go to the derm before the damage is done

Don't make the same mistake i did. I self-treated my acne. Most often didn't treat it at all. I squeezed my inflamed acne. Worst mistake ever. Squeezing left me with scarred pores which look terrible and also are more susceptible to acne outbreaks. I'm acne free in all places except where i used to squeeze my acne. Same pores getting infected over and over. You may also get open or closed comedones which may enlarge your pores and certainly will ruin your skin, squeezing or no squeezing. That's what happened to my nose which is now ruined forever.

Just go to the dermatologist. You'll have a two minute conversation and he'll prescribe you some acid form of vitamin A such as tretinoin (Retin-A). You then use the following regimen and you'll be acne free in a month or two:


Salicylic Acid product with some moisture-binding chemical such as glycerol as a gel, or if your acne is less severe, as a face wash. Use BP on inflamed acne but only on inflamed acne.


Clean face with very mild soap or just warm water... let it dry and apply tretinoin over all affected areas. If your face gets too dry stop with the soap and/or get a non-comedonal moisturizer and apply when needed. Moisturizing is key when using tretinoin.

This approach takes longer to work than BP but it's better in the long run, much better. If your acne is very mild salicylic acid or tretinoin alone may be enough.

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