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Boots Botanics Conditioning Clay Mask for blackheads

Last night I bought Boots brand Botanics Conditioning Clay Mask.

I got it at Target for $8.99.

I usually have blackheads on my nose. I'm 36 and my pores have enlarged as I've gotten older (something else to look forward to if you're not there yet :dance: ). So anyway, I left it on for 10 minutes and rinsed, as instructed, and the blackheads are gone.

I have some lingering acne, rosacea, and dry, flaky, sensitive skin, and this mask didn't irritate me.

Other stuff I use (in case you want to know):

I alternate or mix Cetaphil cleanser with Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser (because Cetaphil doesn't take off makeup very well). I'm not really picky about cleansers, since it's the other junk I do to my face that makes a difference, ha.

I exfoliate with Boots No 7 Total Renewal Micro-dermabrasion Exfoliator (it has very fine, sandy micro-crystals that exfoliate pretty well).

I use the tape method and apple cider vinegar (both described within these boards). I HIGHLY recommend those for flakiness, as well as for red marks and light scarring.

Edit: I almost forgot: I use the asprin mask. You can find it in these boards or google it.

Because my skin is dry after I wash it, for a pre-make up moisturizer I use Burt's Bees Marshmallow Vanishing Creme. It smells like marshmallows :D. If you have oily skin, I wouldn't use this. After cleansing, I keep my face wet and take a pea size dab of this creme and lightly rub it into my skin. The water on my face thins it out a bit - it's pretty thick otherwise. Then my make up goes on very easily. I live in humid, humid Florida and wear Maybelline concealer applied with my fingers and a small brush, and mineral powder, no liquid foundation. I'm able to cover my redness and occasional pimples very well this way. I don't look like I have heavy makeup on.

As people always say on here, EVERYONE'S SKIN IS DIFFERENT! That's why I gave you all these details.

So anyway, try the clay mask if you wish! I haven't used other blackhead products, so I can't compare this with others, but it worked for me. Good luck!

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I had some very good results with Boots brand products and i have heard the clay mask is very very good i just cant seem to find it anytime im in there!!

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