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The Difference between Pityrosporum Folliculitis and acne.....

I have recently (last month) been suffering from random acne (so i think) on my chest and upper shoulders. Mainly it has been on my chest and before i have never had a breakout of this nature on my chest.

I have marks present currently which leads me to believe that my breakout must be finishing but then i get a new breakout out of nowhere.

Now i am considering if it is acne or maybe PF and that my treatment needs to change,

Could someone please highlight the differences between the 2 as i am baffled regarding this and need to put it to bed once and for all!!

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Go to a dermatologist, look at the pictures online or test different treatments on yourself. One thing you can try is to buy Ketoconazole cream(Nizoral, Daktarin Gold etc.) and use this for a couple of weeks. If the condition is improved it's probably PF you got.

Be aware that a lot of people got both acne and PF and therefore you should treat both.

I'm also unsure wether I got PF or Acne. I contacted a dermatologist to hear if it was possible for him to take a biopsy or something to check if it's PF or Acne I got. He said he couldn't do it, but I know others can so to call a dermatologist is a smart move. I got PF/Acne mostly on the shoulders and chest and I have used Daktarin Gold for 3 days on my shoulders. The results so far are good, but I know it's far to early to be celebrating.

Good luck

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