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I'd been roaming around the forums before and I promised myself if I found a solution one day I'd definitely post it, so this is my first post and its a long one. For those who just wanna find out wt worked for me just scroll down to the dot points but if u hav some time to spare then pls read on.

I'd been an acne sufferer for approximately 4-5 years starting from the end of my high school days. Acne has been the most painful experience of my life to this date and I'm a number of you will agree when ur forced to continually avoid each and every mirror u come across to save ur self the self-embarassment of seeing ur acne in full reflection.

I couldnt even look ppl in the eye when I talk to them. My self confidence was completely destroyed as I felt all those surrounding me could notice my acne problems. It became so bad on a number of occasions when I'd just stare at my mirror and cry, knowing that I'd tried a billion methods to remedy the situation and it was not getting any better. Sometimes you experience a bit of hope when the acne seems to disappear for a while and u start to believe u've found something that works, only for u wake up tmr to find another cyst developing.

Ok so enough abt the dramas, I'd finally decided sometime ago that I'd just stop using any face wash, treatment cream, anything, even including soap on my upper body which was literally infected with acne. I'd shower with only hot water and try to minimize contact between my body and the shampoo/conditioner. I'd still wash other non-acne affected parts with olive oil soap tho (i found that the olive oil soap to be great on my skin).

After abt 2 weeks, I noticed enugh positive results for me to continue and up til now Id been following this regime for half a yr already and Id have to say my face/body has improved significantly. I still get the odd acne here and there but its not so much a problem for me anymore as it was before. It's great to return to being urself when u dont have to breath sighs of acne troubles every single day.

I also try to eat as much fruit as I can, usually at least 2 oranges, an apple and a banana each day but more if I can. Sleeping is also extremely important and I try to get to bed b4 midnight each day and sleep for 9 hours. Drinking tons of water is also helping undeniably. More importantly I try to avoid SUGAR as much as I can during the day, so no lollies, chocolate, icecream...etc anything with significant amounts of sugar but of course I do nibble a bit here and there. Exercising til u sweat everyday has also been a habit for me now, but ever since my acne problems have subsided i only exercise every other day.

So as a wrap up, here r the ? elements to my solution:

1. Shower only with Hot Water on areas affected by acne.

2. Drink AT LEAST 2 litres of water a day.

3. Sleep at least 8-9 hours a day, and sleep b4 midnight.

4. Exercise til you sweat every other day.

5. Avoid sugar as much as possible.

6. Eat tons of fruit and veges.

Guys i know uve probably heard these things a billion times but its srsly working for me. Of course i might just be growing out of the acne phase now but ive thought that many times b4 and its come back to haunt me but this time I think its truly beginning to disappear.

This board is a nightmare (sorry Dan) as its dominated by severely traumatized ppl suffering from the wrath of acne and I wish you all can lead happy lives away from this board asap becoz i rmb the hopeless times i experienced while surfing this board for solutions. Apple cider, olive oil, zinc, head and shoulders....ive tried all that and it hasnt worked and I'm truly grateful ive found some changes to habits that hav worked for me and I just WISH everyone can be as lucky. Pls try this I'm saying this from the bottom of my heart I hope we can all escape from acne sooner rather than later.

Cheers guys

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For this past two weeks I've given up on any acne medication whatsoever, i've stopped using retin-A that my doctor perscribed. I'm now 27 and have had acne for 4 years. My skin has fluctuated during those 4 years, sometimes it can be quite clear *not perfect though* but then it can be really bad. I actually had accutane about two years ago, but 6 months after quitting the acne came back.

My acne was significantly worse when I moved to netherlands about 9 months ago, i'm originally from a tropical country. Maybe it's because my skin trying to adapt with the weather here. Anyway, I was very depressed that I asked my family to send retin-A from my home country because i can't go to derm here, it's too expensive and I am only a student. Living far away from my husband and family increases my stress level and make my skin even worse. For the last 9 months I've been patiently using Retin-A every night before sleeping, but ofcourse life is never fair cause i start developing lotsa acne allover my face, even on my forehead which I never experienced before. I really don't know what else to do, my left cheek is especially horrible with under the skin-acne which makes it purple and bumpy.

I really don't understand what I'm supposed to do. That is why i decided to give my skin a break from all the chemicals i've been using. I really cannot handle slathering my face with cream etc with the hope of clear skin. I'll let my skin do the self-purification itself. I really hope this works, I've had enough with acne.

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My acne isn't that bad, but my period's coming in a few days, and my skin's really oily. This is my second day of washing my face with (Sam's Choice) water only. My skin's colour improved and seems a bit better. I drink plenty of water, yet I don't sleep before midnight and haven't eaten fruits or veggies in awile. We're going to the store tomorrow, so'll I'll pick some up.

By the way, I'm 15 years old and have been struggling with acne for nearly three years.

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