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1 month and quit Solodyn (mino)

I was prescribed short-term Augmentin (Amoxicillin, conflicts with mino) for chest congestion and I decided I did not want to take antibiotics since they are not a long-term solution, so I quit taking Solodyn.

I have heard that quitting antibiotics before you're done can cause the bacteria to become immune and get worse--is this true?

I will be on Augmentin for another week or so, so maybe that will continue to keep a lid on the bacteria? Will 10 days of amox and stopping (prescription only 10 days) be "bad" in terms of bacterial immunity as well?


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Thanks for the reply, do you think 4 weeks is enough to warrant my body's "dependence" on them and thus a need for weaning off them? The reason why I stopped abruptly is because I can't take Solodyn while I'm on Augmentin (and I need the Augmentin for a real medical reason).

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^I had been eating yogurt with pribiotics for the first week, unintentionally.

But for anyone who may find themselves in my situation, 4 weeks of mino and an abrupt quit gave me a very mild 1 day breakout of several superficial pus-filled comedones. 3 days later I'm seeing continued improvement from the topical retinoid I've been using.

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