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Hi all,

With all these peels, soaps, gels and oils that everyone is doing, I am curious to know how close to the eye area do you get.

I have been using the vinegar method (which I love biggrin.gif/ ) and recently I have been using a glycolic gel face wash. Now my face is a little red. My eye area is sooooo dry and peeling. They look tired because they are dry. I don't have wrinkles but the dryness is giving me the appearance of them.

Am I possibly using the glycolic gel too close to my eye? I don't put the vinegar anywhere near my eye area.

How about sunscreen? I know it is very important especially since we are doing all these things to help get rid of our scars. I wear sunscreen everyday but should we be wearing a different one around our eye area. :-k

I have read the area near the eye does not have any oil glands. It seems like I can't win. Oily face and dry eyes. AAAAWWWWWW

Any comments would be welcomed. THANK YOU!

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hi- hope this reply isn't too late! regarding the eye area: from personal experience ive found that i have to avoid products alltogether or else get the same dry crinkles - not fun.

that's including sunscreen, night creams, peels, face washes etc.- although i am currently using a *very* light textured sunscreen that lets me get pretty close to the eye area. Honestly, even specially formulated creams and gels for the eye area weigh the skin near the eyes down and actually make them llook more creased if used every night (but everyone's different). eye masks are great though.

When i got the crinkles around my eyes i had to just let them heal on their own, and embarassingly tell everyone it was just sunburn!

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