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What treatments are out there for raised scars?

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Anybody know of what treatments they do for raised scars? I got alot of them on my forehead and other area's of my face. Looks like a large blackhead but it is there forever kind of raised scars. I dont think any out home treatments can be done for these? Thanks.

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Hi smile.gif

I have some raised scars too. The treatment is difficult from what I know about it, which isn't much #-o There are various methods. The least invasive is silicone sheeting...but, you have to wear the sheets all day(pretty much). There is also a gel-- spectragel that you can get from your Doc that isn't as cumbersome as silicone sheets , but does the same thing. I don't know how well it works.

Then, there are cortisone shots which can reduce them a bit, but I think cortisone shots can cause scarring :-k Some Doc's use a combo of cortisone shots and radiation. There is also laser and dermabrasion, but these carry risks since they're invasive.They're also very expensive.

Are you sure they're raised scars? I know sebaceous hyperplasia can look like raised scars, but don't go away. They are enlarged oil glands and are common on the forehead, and around the nose. They have a hole in the middle. I'm pretty sure I have them around my nose.

Sometimes(I've heard) the raised scars go away on their own. Mine haven't but it can happen if you're lucky.

You really need to see a Doctor to be sure of what they are, and to find the best way to treat them.


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Hey Emma,

All those things you mentioned, in my opinion don't work. I wore a silicon sheet for six months and it did nothing. I mentioned this to my surgeon once and he laughed at me as he said he worked in a burns unit for years and "silicon sheets" made their name because they were applied on new scars and hence a year later everyone was so impressed with the improvement it must of been the silicon sheets. Of course it was the fact that the scars "improved on their own", as new scars do which caused the improvement not the silicon sheet as claimed. Of course you can get them cut out but their stubborn buggers and more that likely will come back.

Now thats the bad news, the good is that if you see that TCA document the document says that is helps "atrophic" scarring ie raised scarring. Look I am not saying this will work, but man it is the best chance we have had in years! I am going to try this soon, first on a few a pits, and then on a few raised. Buggerred if I can find someone in Australia who does this so I am going to try myself and will let you know how I go. Slowly slowly at first.

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We are a rare breed us people with raised scars. So many people have pits but not many have raised!!! Should we feel lucky!!!! Just kidding.

I have no idea why they come back, I think it is something to do with the skin memory or something like that

I do agree with you though, as you say they do improve on their own. I will say through this CROSS looks promising as I have seen quite a few Asian people with raised scarring and this was an Asian study. I am even thinking of going to Korea to get the first one done as it would only cost me probably $1,500 AUD in total (approx $1,000USD) and if you had six treament of this with 90% improvement I would be over the moon. For the last six years I have just accepted my scars but If i could get 90% improvement my whole life would change, well especially my confidence and how I feel about myself.

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I am very lucky in that I have no scarring on my cheeks the riased ones are in line with my cheeks but to the right. I also have some thins one near my eyebrows and another one near my lips which feels pretty rough

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Thanks for all your reply's. I dont just got raised scars. I got pitted scars all over my face too. I know about tca for pitted scars but didn't know if it could be used for raised. I guess a few of you might try that out. I want to hear how that goes for anybody who try's tca for there raised scars. Keep me informed on how the tca works out for you's. Its probably the best chance of getting results for our raised scars without the costlyness of a treatment at a Dr's office like laser or something.

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Hello, everyone. I too have a raised scar that is bothersome to me. Though it's not so much raised , as it is red, itchy and firm underneath the skin. It is only slightly raised and the skin on top of it is a bit shiny from geing strethched taught (it's fairly small). But, I just wanted to point out that "atrophic" doesn't mean raised, it means pitted or sunken. "Hypertrophic" means raised. But, does CROSS work for that as well? I would be very interested in that as I would like to prep my skin as best as I can for the resurfacing (probably dermabrasion), I will have this summer. Thanks so much

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