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hey, i think i might be able to help (please read)

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hey im sorta new here, ive been reading through the forums for months but i just signed up today.

But yea im 16 and since this year ive kinda had severe acne but i only got nodules usually only one on each cheek but it would go down and come back up every month and i had pimples that were really inflamed and really noticeable , and then last month i started to do some research on vitamins and minerals that could help me because my derm is a retard and gave me stuff that never helped me. So after doin research i found out that vitamin A, E, and Zinc used together could really help with pimples. So i went down to GNC and bought some Vtamin A and Vitamin E supplements and 30mg of Zinc, and after maybe about 2 or 3 weeks ( i cant keep track of days during the summer lol) my acne started to decrease tremendously i havent gotten any nodules my acne scars are fading, and if a pimple does come up its really small and not noticeable and goes away in like 3 or 4 days, also my face is less greasy and gettin better everyday. i think that this is something people should try because its really working for me cuz i went from severe to mild acne in about 2 or 3 weeks.

o and also ive been using a cleanser cuz i dont want to completely stop washing my face with stuff but im no longer using my topical and if your wonderin i was using Lavoclen acne wash and duac topical, also my doc prescribed minocyclin but i stoped using that because it really didnt help

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