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Breakouts from allergic reaction

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Hey guys, I haven't posted here in a while because I was into doing chemicals peels (which helped me a bit with PIH and acne). But, now, I have a new problem... About 4-5 weeks ago I took a supplement called MSM. I immediately got headaches and felt nauseous. I thought it'd go away so I left it alone for a few days but eventually it got to the point where my throat felt like it was closed up. I went to the hospital and they treated me for stomach inflammation due to allergic reaction. Even though my throat still doesn't feel as good as it used to be, I've been doing pretty well after taking the prescribed medications. My problem, I think, is related to this allergic reaction. I thought I'd just have internal problems but, right now, my face is covered with comedones (those small, tiny bumps). It's slowly getting better with AHA gel and SA wash but it's a VERY slow improvement. Is there any way of somehow making this better internally? Maybe, something that'd soothe my stomach or my throat. If you also have advice that might help externally please tell me! Right now, I'm doing Ndnromeo's regimen and washing my face with SA then applying bleaching gel (AHA glycolic gel). I still think that I have some of allergic reaction lingering in my body so I'm probably going to go for another appointment with the doctor. However, if anyone has an advice that might help my problem, it'd be greatly appreciated. Oh, and also, this is just an advice from me but don't take supplements carelessly. The suffering from MSM was unbearable, so just be careful when taking certain supplements. Thanks in advance.

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May not be your situation, but MSM does produce a huge detox reaction in the body you first start taking it, which could account for some of the symptoms that you have listed. I have seen other people on non-acne related forums report the exact same reaction you had when they first started with MSM. They reported that cutting back the dosage reduced the detox and they were comfortable again.

Not trying to convince you to take it again, but might make you think twice about what is and what isn't an "allergic" reaction

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I think that if your throat was getting tight or closing up you were indeed having a reaction.

As far as for doing something about the after effects I can only think of one thing and that's high doses of vit.c. in divided amounts and drinking plenty of water to help remove any of it if it's still in your body.

If anyone is interested in doing a simply allergy check with vitamins or food I'll share it with ya all. (oooh I just remembered this one!)

Take whatever it is that you want to test and put it in a clean baby food glass jar (because it's lead free) and hold onto it with your hands around it preferably for an hr. and making sure not to interfere the testing by using your other hand to do something else with it.

No eating, smoking or holding onto anything, but your jar!

After an hr. see how you feel then wash your hands for a minute to remove the energy of whatever you were testing.

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