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Duac users- your help please!

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I was prescribed DUAC gel yesterday and used it last night for the first time, did everything it said to do on the pack.. made sure i only put on a light film. Well when i woke this morn my face looked like its been sunburnt! In fact its still as red now, over 9 hours later :cry:

I cleanse with a gentle organic cleanser with no alcohol/chemicals so i cant understand why its so red - my face is very hot. I know its a side effect but ive used BP and Clindamycin previously.

Has anyone else experienced this? How long does it last for? I had the day off work so i could have a makeup free day to help get rid of the redness/burning.


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I am also a DUAC user, and in the first few days i experienced some redness, irritation, burning sensation, etc. It has gotten better, but i found that actually the cetaphil moisturizer i was using made it sting more for some reason. Anyway, yeah don't worry about it unless the irritation doesn't go away in a week or so. Good luck!

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Thanks for your replies! I think i was a bit stressed last night!

Today is much better, the redness has died down and it covered fine with make up so back at work. I only put little amounts on spots last night, i think i'll only apply a pea sized amount to my face from now on..the leaflet says a fingertip full..which is a little more. Yeah i guess my skin has to get used to the BP. Its mildly dry today so will keep using my gentle cleanser & moisturiser!

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