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help and advise for a newbie plz!!

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hey folks rooney here, just joined the forum so be kind! :razz:

please can I seek advise from you wonderful people as I feel my regiem has room for improvement.

I use to get acne pretty bad but recently have been using panoxyl BP5% which has improved my face alot, but I still breakout all the time! :wall: I'd call my acne moderate, a few inflamed bumps and a few tiny ones.

my regiem is pretty basic at the mo MORNING- wash face with 'simple' soap bar

with no real advise from other people. apply nivea moisturising CREAM

EVENING- again, wash face with 'simple' soap bar

apply panoxyl BP 5% to effected areas

go to sleep.

the BP got me better up till a piont, but now im constantly the same, seeing no improvment.

I've also noticed that some of my spots have been 'different' then usual, sometimes very stubborn and my take ages to rid off! :wacko:

also I have brown skin and so blemish easy, the main reason for stopping acne for good.

please help me on what to change or add to my regiem and any other advise would be great.

thanks for ur time and peas out, :dance:

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when you say your spots are different,how do u mean? if it is mainly blocked pores now and blackheads/whiteheads then maybe you need something to exfoliate and unblock the pores,like tazorac,paulas choice. if the spots in question are getting bigger and more red/severe then maybe you need oral treatments,anit-biotics or something. though i personally wouldnt recommend this because i found all the anti-biotics i went on to be of no use. however,many other people find they work.

Panoxyl i use for spot-treating when i get a spot,i dont apply it to my entire face. so to prevent any inflammatory spots from resurfacing i use duac in the morning and nicam at night which works quite well.

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