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Things that DIDN'T work for..and a few that did

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Things that didn't work for me. I tried them for at least a couple of weeks or months.

Things that didn't do absolutely nothing for my skin

All kind of lotions (BP, Zynerit, Scinoren, Eucerin, DermaClean, etc, etc..) - 5 years of local treatments experiments

  • 6 months of nutrition experiments:
  • Grains-free diet
  • Beans-free diet
  • Potatoes-free diet
  • Junk-free diet
  • High-fat low carb diet
  • Blood type diet
  • Lemon water internally
  • Lemon water externally
  • ACV internally
  • ACV externally
  • 3 days apple fast
  • Carrot juice
  • Cucumber juice
  • Hot water steam
  • Only water regime
  • Aspirin mask
  • Virgin olive oil internally
  • Egg mask
  • Honey mask
  • Salt mask
  • Baking soda
  • Vit C
  • Vit B-complex
  • Vit A
  • Vid D
  • Zinc
  • All minerals complex
  • EFA 3-6-9
  • MSM
  • EFT
  • Sleep 8-9 hours
  • Sport almost everyday: basketball, weightlifting
  • No masturbation (but only for 2 weeks, I'm trying it now for month)
  • Brewer's yeast

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Have you tried topical retinoids (e.g. Differin) and how long you actually used BP? You could try paleo diet at least 3 months so that you see whether it works for you. You could also take omega 3 (no EFA 3-6-9), zinc and vitamin D supplements. And keep in mind that weightlifting can aggravate acne, not to mention whey protein.

Edit: I just noticed that the first post was written two years ago.

Edited by mies

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The #1 thing that made my skin look like it was hit by Napalm during the Vietnam War was the 1990's version of Clinique Facial Scrub. Basically it is sand in a tube. You put it on and you can feel the skin. If your skin wasn't red and torn up before, it soon will be! Combine that with warm water and your face will be extremely smooth - and this smoothness will highlight every flaw imaginable. If you want to get depressed in 5 minutes or less, choose Clinique!


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