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Water only? Discuss

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In short, I've been trying the water only for the past 2 weeks, and its been working pretty well for my back, I think. I know, it's too early to gauge its results, but it's been working quite dramatically compared to other methods I've tried. I know you all have heard some of this floating around the message boards about not using anything but water. I'm not trying to say this is a miracle way, as I am scared to try it on my face and I don't think I ever will... but for people who have had bacne, I know that some of you have had that experience where you don't wash your back for a few days, either because you are too busy, you get stuck in an airport, etc etc... and then your back is better suddenly, contrary to your expectations.

So this is how it all started. I couldn't help but notice a few people saying 'my bacne got much better after a few days of camping without being able to shower properly.' I have had very similar experiences in the past, and every time, I thought it was just my imagination or some sort of a disguise... I thought that my back was TOO dirty that the acne was not very noticable... So then after a few days of not washing, I'd jump in the shower and scrub my back with some good ole dove soap, and the next day, my back would look like it had before not washing, full of pimples. Then i'd be like 'see I was right! it hadn't healed afterall!'

I tried using ph balanced soap and then the head and shoulders shampoo method, but none of it really worked... I was getting sick and tired of bacne and the summer is already half over and I really want to be able to take my shirt off at a swimming pool / beach before the summer is gone! Then one day, I just had a revelation: my bacne can't get any worse, and if it does get worse, defying all odds, I'll just continue on doing what I'm doing now, which is to never take my shirt off in public. The thing that enabled me to experiment with the water only method on my back was that I could always cover it up and make sure nobody could see it in case it didn't work. I, however, am skeptical about the water only method on my face... If it doesn't work and makes me break out like crazy, I'll have to be embarrassed every time i see my friends since I can't really cover up my face.

So I've been doing water only... and umm I think its working. I really hope this isn't some sort of make-believe thing, but I have had 2 pimples since I started using it, and my scars have faded NOTICABLY. I just stand in the shower and let the water soak my back, but never touch it with anything. Some people might be grossed out, and it's understandable, I haven't told my mom about it yet because I'm afraid of what she'll say when she hears that I don't wash my back lol.. but yea if you have the sort of mentality that I have, which is the it-can't-get-any-worse-and-even-if-it-does-I'll-just-cover-it-with-a-shirt mentality, then i advise you to go ahead and try. I have had bacne since 9th grade and I'm a soph in college now. I have never worn a tank since 9th grade nor taken my shirt off in front of my friends since then. I really hope this helps me... wish me luck!

PS The theory behind the water only method (I think) is you simply irritate your skin less by not using commercial cleanser products, make your skin ph balanced and stronger, thus less susceptible to bacterial attacks, so that you break out less, and your skin heals faster even if you do get a pimple. Again, I am in no way going to try this on my face, as there is no room for me to experiment and fuck up, but my back I can cover it up anytime so I'm willing to give this a shot.

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