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Help -- Healing on Accutane!

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I went to a doctor yesterday to have some blemishes, redness and skin discolorations removed from my arms so that they would look clear and healthy for summertime.

I'm on 40mg of Accutane daily and he told me that the laser that he would be using should have no effect whatsoever and be of no concern because it does not break the skin and can not cause any scarring or anything to worry about. He explained to me the different type of lasers that he had to use for such a procedure and which would be safe to use for someone on Accutane.

Anyways, we went ahead with it and he told me that there would be some bruising which would last about a week. But here's the problem...

It looks less like bruising and more like I've been shot in the arm about twenty times at close range with a paint gun. I've never seen bruises that looked like this!

I have dozens of large blue and red spots all over my arms that are the ugliest things I've ever seen and on a regular person, they look like they'd take at least two weeks to clear!

I'm worried about how long they will take for me on Accutane??

Has anyone done anything like this before or could anyone share an experience with an injury or something and how long it took to heal?

I went out and bought bandages yesterday afternoon so that I could wrap up my arm and walk around in short sleeve t-shirts without being embarrassed. I really hope this is gone within two weeks MAX!

Is it possible that this could last longer than that??

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