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Is it really worth it?

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Well first of all, ive been with active acne since I was 17years old (Im 22 years old now), and like many of you tried just about everything acne products that exist in the market, and once again like many of you the most effective one is benzoyl peroxide. Dan did a great job demostrating how you can use BP with minimal irritation and dryness. But like many of you, I still suffer from dry, flaky skin even if my skin is already used to the BP.

Dry, flaky skin, uneven face tone, tired-looking skin. Is this really worth it to achieve clear skin? After almost 3 years using BP ive finally got the guts to stay away of BP, even if its the best product to fight acne, but defenatly not for my skin.

Lets be reallistic, dans regimen(just mention it because its the best regime to use BP, nothing against it just against the BP), it takes about 1 hour of our time, its really hard and annoying to follow up in the morning, especially if you wake up early. Miss 1 or 2 application and your face turns like shit, spread BP with a little bit hurry and your face irritates, i mean there is a LOT of drawbacks)

Just to clarify i have nothing against the regime, it may have helped a lot of people to achieve great skin, but you got to admit that you just need to read the regime foruns to see the complains about hundreds of people, and i dont think it is because of the supposed "biggest mistakes list", but because of the BP itself

Conclusion: After many hours researching just about every acne products available, i found this one that is called diacneal by avene. Basically it smooths your skin surface and helps somehow with acne, and ive realize that my overall face appearence looks so much better even if i have a few pimples in my face that when i was clear with BP but with that weird, tired-looking texture we all know. So i will stick with this stuff, my face looks healthier, dont need to worry about irritation or dry, even if it doesnt clear acne so well like BP. But i prefer it this way. Million times this way.

I will post my acne-free face (when i used BP) and my face now with 5-6 pimples (2 weeks in avene)

and you will be surprised just like my face looks A LOT BETTER even if im not completly clear.

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avene diacneal contains 0.1% retinaldehyde and 6% glycolic acid, so it is effective both for its intended purpose (anti-acne), but also for anti-aging. It's primary active ingredient, retinaldehyde, is significantly more gentle than other retinoids, such as retinol

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