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I tried the Aveeno calming moisturizer, but it doesn't moisturize at all. The only area on my skin that is severely dry (and itchy!) is around my nose (in the corners, if that makes sense). The side of my face is mildly dry, but it really isn't bad. Yet, anyway.

Is the Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking Lotion safe for the face? It is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. Or should I just use regular Vaseline for my severely dry spots?

I didn't need a moisturizer much at all until now. Help! :wacko:


Just cleansed my face, and it feels rough. My face has never been so dry. :(

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Give Jojoba Oil a try...I'm don't know your exact skin/acne type but jojoba oil is effective as a moisturizer for most people. Use small amounts at first, 1-2 drops then up to 3-4 at most, a little goes a long way. It really hydrates the skin well and is all natural. That, or mix a few drops in any moisturizer. I personally use it by itself, leave it on for 10 minutes or so(as it absorbs somewhat slow) then wash it off with cold water...Works wonders.

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For severely dry skin:

If you are using medicated topicals, stop them for a couple of nights until the following helps restore your skin's balance.

After washing your face at night, moisturize with your normal moisturizer, then SLATHER your face with Vaseline or Aquaphor. Both contain the same active ingredient, petrolatum, which is a great, noncomedogenic ingredient that acts as a barrier for your skin, locking in moisture. It also helps your face heal.

This might feel gross, because the Vaseline/Aquaphor won't sink in like a normal moisturizer, but trust me, it's worth it. Some tips for surviving the greasy experience that is petrolatum: tie your hair back if you have long hair (getting hair stuck to your face at night is gross), and cover your pillow with a towel.

In the morning, use warm water and a mild exfoliant to wash off the Vaseline/Aquaphor. I use dissolved uncoated aspirin, but you could also use a clean washcloth or some other MILD scrub. If you still feel you need to after this, wash your face with your normal cleanser.

Follow by using your regular moisturizer.

This is the only thing that has kept my skin from peeling off. I go through cycles of what I like to call the "crypt keeper," where all of a sudden my face will start peeling all over - kind of like how you peel after a sunburn. This is likely due to my own negligence in moisturizing over my Duac.

Anyway, I've had great success with getting dry skin under control with the above regimen. If you have any questions, feel free to PM.

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I've heard of it. Can it be found in drugstores?

I assume you're talking about Aquaphor, and yes, it can. It will be near all the other moisturizers.

It's definitely pricier than vaseline, but a little goes a long way with both products. I bought a fairly small tube about 3 months ago and am just now running out.

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We had an old tub of Vaseline and I actually used some of it last night. It's better, but I ended up putting on too much, so my face was stinging A LOT, so I had to blot some of it off. I'll try the Aquaphor if my Vaseline doesn't do much better.

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