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Not all acupuncture is good.

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I've always had acne, and then it started getting better and better, because I started eating healthy and resting more, I dont have any bad habits, I have positive outlook on life. Then 3 things happened. 1. I moved back in with parents (lots of stress again) 2. I ate loads of salami, because I was craving salty foods 3. I went to an acupuncturist because I got a cold and couldn't get rid of it.... nothing else changed. I use only organic/natura expensive makeup, and bare mineral type of make up. SO I STARTED BREAKING OUT IN NEW PLACES!!! I went to a STUDENT acupuncturist (since it was cheaper) and they said I have stress and I have a weak liver, so they're gonna stimulate it, and what happened, I've had this breakout since beginning of MAY, and now JUNE is almost over and its not going away!! Does anyone know how to fix this???? Has this happened to you?? I dont want to go back and pay MORE to these newbie acuputurists, they wont fix, they will probably make it worse.. HELP ME!

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Don't wanna be rude but your face is really essential to you and the last thing is you dont wanna be cheap on your own face and health. Don't be cheap about it and pay a full licensed person to examine your health. They did go thru all that training and experience you know...

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Maybe your liver is detoxing... I went to an acupuncture school to save money and my experience was not good either. Was a Doctor present while they were working on you?

I would give it a bit then see an experienced acupuncturist or reiki master. They both work with your chi.

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