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Drastic Acne Change. Need Advice. (Pics and Story Included)

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SORRY MY PICS ARENT CLICKABLE(new to this). JUST COPY + PASTE into your Web Address Bar! Don't include the thing

Alright so I've had a longggg journey with acne which basically began in 8th grade. Acne for 8th grade was basically only on my forehead and there was honestly not that much. I used proactiv which neither helped nor hurt my skin. I did, however, use the refining mask religiously. Anyways from what I recall, acne got a little worse so I had my first visit with a pediatrician. She prescribed Duac for the morning and Differin for the evening which worked WONDERS and kept my face under control, with only a few minor breakouts.



So 8th grade year comes and goes, acne is pretty much controlled aside from breakouts on the forehead (which I honestly don't really mind).



Alright so after approximately 2 years straight of Duac and Differin, a dilemma arrives on February 15, 2008 when my mom tells me our insurance no longer covers Duac. So my pediatrician switched my morning medicine to Eryth-Benz Perox Gel, which stung like a bastard and had no effect on my face. I was still using Differin which continued to control my acne. Yet again, acne only erupted on my forehead and chin, with occasional pimples on my cheeks.



Ok here comes the bad part of my story. After having a trip to Los Angeles, I broke out like CRAZY on my hairline, and my face got a few more pimples than normal (still using differin). I asked my mom to schedule another appointment, and so my pediatrician prescribed Retin- A Micro for the evening, Clindamycin for the morning, and an antibiotic called Minocycline.

Using Retin-A absolutely ruined the latter part of my Sophomore year. My skin was red and skin would always come off. In addition, my cheeks broke out like never before. I had to go to the bathroom every morning at school to prevent myself from seeing my friends in the morning. It was terrible and my social life from then on has basically ended. I can't go out in Public and it tears me apart because I love being outside.

I can't help myself from looking at some sort of mirror every 10 minutes. And I cannot and absolutely will not try to look people in the eye when i talk to them. In addition, when a cute girl walks past me, i look down, rather than acknowledging her like i always used to(hehe).

Here are pics of the current ugly me

Full Face:http://i156.photobucket.com/albums/t19/disneychris/dwaawdwadwadwa.jpg

Right Cheek:http://i156.photobucket.com/albums/t19/disneychris/dwadawdawda.jpg

Left Cheek:http://i156.photobucket.com/albums/t19/disneychris/wdadwadwadwa.jpg



I've got another appointment next Wednesday. Im currently 16 and I realllllly want to use Accutane and finally eliminate this pain from my life. Should I ask my pediatrician for Accutane? I believe the Retin-A she prescribed totally ruined my life as of now.

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Guest kiwikali

retin-a micro didn't work for you?? it worked for me, i used it everyday for several weeks but it was really drying, so know i use it only once a week. and i do a bunch of other shit like drink green tea like crazy and minocycline. my skins clear now. accutane can be really risky, but it's worth a try!

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Hi folks,

This is for those of you who are experiencing acne conditions, for which you have not been able to find a cure on your own and are contemplating seeing a dermatologist for strong chemicals like Accutane or something similar. Give yourself one last chance at curing your own acne without the need to depend on strong prescription medications, none of which is meant to be effective long-term. See this thread: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=188266&st=0 and read about my own experience with acne and the complete regimen that I have come up with, through extensive research and experimentation, to completely eliminate my acne condition for good. I have been 100% clear for six months straight now, and that's after having struggled with frustratingly bad acne for 20+ years.

I'm not selling anything or referring you to any other hidden resources. This is it! It's a regimen that has worked wonders for my moderate to sometimes severe acne condition. I'm just hoping to help out as many people as I can because I know this regimen I'm using is completely safe and even beneficial to your overall health. Best of all it is a good long-term solution that your acne will never develop tolerance to, unlike your typical antibiotics. And also no side effects to speak of.

I hope this will be useful to some of you. Please post in the thread or PM me if your have any questions. I'm always happy to help as best I can.

Best of luck, guys! :surprised:


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