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heres a little background before i start....i have mild acne, mostly redmarks but i do gte some big pimple son my chin. i was on benzamycin which worked great ut then stopped, i guess i became resistant to the erythromycin. Then i went on retin-a micro 0.1%, which worked great until it burned the hell out of me and gave me blisters.... SO i saw the derm for the first time today and he looked at me and said on a 1-100 scale of acne, 100 the worst, i was a 3....i thought i was much worse but hey whatever. He gav me a prescription for Duac. You guys think this will work for me? Im going back in 8 weeks and if it doesnt work im asking for tazorac. he said to clear me 100% i would need "the whole kitchen sink thrown at me". I was like well wtf throw methe goddamn sink i want to be clear....He was an old jewish guy like 70 so damn he probably couldnt even see. He also kept saying some shit about a dollar and him giving me 50 cents then 25cents and asked..."do you see wher eim going?" im like no u old shit just give me a damn prescription. Lol anyway give me some feedback

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I also had mild acne, like how you described yours. My first derm put me on Differin and it just irritated my skin for about three months. My second derm put me on Duac. He said my acne was not severe enough for Differin.

Duac has been great. I've been using it in combination with Doxy (but I just stopped Doxy three days ago) and although I get an occasional pimple, my skin is clear, and I'm starting to get compliments on how nice my skin is like how I did before my acne started. Good luck to you! Just remember to moisturize your skin to balance out the drying effects of Duac.

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