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DKR... Clindoxyl??

Hi there.

The last couple of weeks I've been on Redap, but my skin just couldn't tolerate it, so I went back on Clindoxyl... Or well, I just picked it up today, planning on using it until my 3x DKR kit would be recieved.

But... Now I just received it, so now I am stuck with both DKR and clindoxyl. Can I use both?

That'l be using DKR twice a day, though at night using Clindoxyl instead of Dans Treatment, and then using the treatment in the morning.

I know it has been said a lot that you should stick to the regimen and keep everything else out, but arent Dans treatment and clindoxyl nearly the same? Both using BP as the active ingredient? Both using BP though Clindoxyl using one more "Clindamycin".

I noticed when I, 10 minutes ago, used the treatment, that it felt like Clindoxyl.

But what do you think?

DKR twice a day, though using Clindoxyl as treatment in the night?

Im excited about DKR! I hope it will help me...

Peace out there :-]

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if you think they're practically the same thing why not just use the bp twice? that way at least you know you're following the right program and if you dont start to clear up perhaps then you can include the clindoxyl and see if it helps (though if they're the same thing i dont see that it would) it up to you but i reckon it better to start off following the regimen to a t and then make changes later. good luck and let us know what you decide!

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