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Oozing after Profractional Treatment


I had a Profractional treatment 2 PM yesterday .

I think my treatment was pretty strong as I had numbing shot

more than 6 times on my face along with numbing cream.

After getting up early in the morning around 7:30 AM(PST),

my face was too sticky and not comfortable at all, meaning that

it was really sticky with blood, oozing, Aquaphor(Vaselline).

I think my face started oozing quite alot last night.....

I just washed my face with warm water and now it's getting better.

However, blood leftover and some oozzing formed some serious sticknesss which

is not able to wear off with gentle washing....SIGH...

Is it normal with (quite lots of) oozing after Profractional Treatment?

Should I keep washing my face?

Please give me some advices...

Thank you very much.

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I would call the doctor who performed the procedure and ask if your experience is normal. In the interim, do not do a lot of washing, twice per day is enough and may actually be too much. As you are oozing, you must keep your skin moist with vaseline petrolatum jelly or aquaphor to prevent scarring and aide healing.

What kind of instructions did you get for homecare? If you got them in written form, read them and follow them to the letter. If you did not get written instructions, call the doc and get the instructions, write them down and follow them to the letter.

You can also apply cool compresses to your skin to soothe it. Wet a totally clean washcloth, put it in a ziploc baggie to protect it, put the washcloth in the freezer or refrigerator. When the washcloth is cool, remove it from the baggie and place on your skin until the washcloth warms up again. That will really soothe your skin and eliminate swelling.

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