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ferox femina

Week 3 on the Regimen

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As mentioned before I'm fair-skinned and it's also very sensitive. I decided to start with washing twice a day, apply a moisturizer in the morning, and at first a half pump of BP at bedtime, followed by lotion.

I've managed to work myself up to a full pump of BP, but my face stings pretty badly when I apply the lotion afterwards. My face is pretty red, and I'm still having breakouts.

My acne is what I consider to be mild, with a few zits breaking out on my chin, and tiny bumps on my forehead. The bumps seem to be a little better.

I just wonder when I'm going to reach Euphoria.

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Don't expect to see dramatic results straight away.

You're still in the baby stages , ya know?

I remember I experienced the stinging. Haha, when I first started using it I went surfing. And MANNNN did that hurt! I tell you what.

Anyways, try not to focus too much on seeing if there is improvement on your skin. What I mean is.. when you wake up in the morning, don't start hoping that when you look in the mirror it'll be better. When I first used the regimen, I didn't even go near a mirror. You just gotta focus on doing what the regimen says, to a tee, and eventually the results will come. You might find your skin get worst actually. But just trust the regimen, do it, and at some stage you'll find an improvement. For some people it might only take a month, for others.. like myself, it could take up to three months.

My best advice for you is to not give up. Don't get discouraged on each day. Just stick to it. What have you got to lose anyway?

But, taking a look at your post it seems as though you're not doing the regimen exactly as explained? Maybe go back and read the instructions again, until you have it down pat.


luv ya!

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I'm not doing 2 full pumps right now. Eep.

My skin is so super sensitive. I'm building up, albeit slower than the regimen suggests but I know what my skin can handle. ;)

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